Is the data center completely owned by you or do you co-locate?

We colocate our network and our servers in world largest datacenters, Interxion or Equinix where possible to ensure the level of redundancy required for our uptime promises.

Is there a money back guaranteed?

Yes, we offer 7 days money back guaranteed. No questions asked, just refund if you don’t like our services.

How many locations do you have?

We have expanded in the last months in 7 locations, Asia and Europe with plans to quickly expand to UAE and USA.

What is your abuse policy?

We love our clean network and would like to maintain it like that. We take all the abuse requests seriously so please ensure that nothing illegal is being made on your services with us to avoid suspension.


Is Digital-VM support 24 x 7?

Yes, our staff are in 3 offices around the globe ensuring a 24 x 7 coverage.

How much money I can earn on affiliates?

Our affiliates is a very attractive programme where you can earn 25% of the monthly payments your referrals are doing to us. Some of our best affiliates made over 25,000$ in a month!

Do you allow custom error pages?

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Can you set register_globals ON / OFF ?

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